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March 12th, 2008


A couple of months ago I discovered Sandy and my life has changed.

The concept is simple: Sandy can remember things. You tell her what to remember, and she does. For me this was just about the most perfect concept ever because I forget little things a lot. For instance, today I need to run to the bank during lunch… so I asked Sandy to remind me.

I sent an email to her in plain ol’ English: “Remind me to go to the bank at 12:30pm today.” She emailed me back a confirmation which means that at 12:25 – my requested reminder time – she’ll text message me my reminder. I could also have her email it to me, but text message reminders work fantastically for me.

And that’s it. I’ve already set up reminders months in advance, including regular ones (“change Brita filter quarterly.”) Sandy can also remember to-dos and things like that but I admit I haven’t tapped in to that yet.

The powerful 1-2 punch comes from using Sandy with Jott, a toll-free number that translates your speech to email. That means that, yes, if I remember something when I’m not in front of the computer I can just call Sandy and she’ll still remind me. The text parsing isn’t perfect but it’s quite good.

Impressive stuff. For quick reminders, Sandy is hard to beat.

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COD March 12, 2008, 1:18 pm

I heart Sandy.

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