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March 28th, 2008

Rx Junk Mail

I take a prescription. Not a big deal, but I do. I normally use CVS as the pharmacy of choice because, at least at my local one, the people are nice, friendly, and competent.

A couple of weeks after I filled my prescription I received a big envelope in the mail from CVS. It was all about my prescription. It included personal info (my dosage, etc.) as well as generic info and drug company offers (get a free beach towel or frisbee with your drug’s logo on it!)… but the letter included was the kicker, essentially saying that this was a reminder service and they would keep sending it. Unless I sent them a letter. And even then, I’d have to wait 6-8 weeks for it to take effect. I just skipped it, honestly, and decided to shred and recycle the thing.

Then I switched my prescription to Costco. Friendly, nice people. And a week later… I got another printed reminder thingamajig, nearly the same deal as CVS’s. But the opt-out was a lot easier: call an 888 number, press 1, enter a secret printed code, and you’ll get one more mailing and that’s that.

I guess I understand why they’re doing this – free beach towels are hard to come by – but I find it intrusive and annoying. I really, really hate that I am automatically opted-in to so many things now, and have to choose to opt-out. It’s one thing when it’s my bank, Chase, selling my name and contact info… but when it’s a prescription joint, it’s a whole other ball of wax. No like.

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