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May 6th, 2008

My Left Shoe

Yesterday I stopped by Nordstrom Rack to look at shoes and umbrellas, because I needed both. (As an aside: it’s extremely sad that I live in Chicago and yet have no umbrellas… they’re necessary here!) Nordstrom Rack doesn’t keep both shoes in a pair out on the rack, though; you need to bring the shoe up to a Shoe Mate Counter to get its mate.

So I did that; I found a great pair of shoes that were half off. When I was at the counter, though, I started feeling uneasy when the counter person took a while to locate my shoe. She then came back with only one shoe and said, “Sorry, we don’t have the other one. I looked everywhere.” And she did. She suggested that the other shoe might be out on the rack as well… so I spent about 10 minutes looking for it. Let me tell you, looking for a matching brown shoe within a rack of brown shoes should be a game in Brain Age 3.

The downside? I never found the match. I walked out disappointed but also wondered if someone had stolen it. And then I envisioned this guy walking out of the Nordstrom Rack with two mismatched shoes – one black dress shoe and one brown sneaker – like nothing was wrong. Somehow I took satisfaction in that, and left it at that.

(I later found the shoes online for the same price. So take that, one-shoed shoe store!)

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Ryan May 6, 2008, 2:09 pm

Now you know why the pair was half off!


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