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October 7th, 2008

Apologies to People from My Childhood

Growing up, I was never bullied, per se, but since I was small and non-aggressive, I did occasionally get picked on. And though I was generally cool with every one from the jocks to the popular kids to freaks, geeks, nerds, and other outcasts, I realize there were a few kids I made fun of growing up and I want to apologize to them.

I want to start with Snotman, the younger kid on our elementary school bus who rarely said anything and clearly came from a tough household. He was dubbed “Snotman” because he always needed to blow his nose and had snot cascading down his upper lip. He had enough troubles without us calling him names.

I want to apologize to Diaper Man, who lived down the street from Snotman and was also younger than me. Another very quiet kid, he got his name because he always smelled like baby powder.

I also want to apologize to Ashok and Aalok, twin brothers who were in the remedial class at my middle school. Ashok had glasses and Aalok didn’t, something I remember this many years later because one of their teachers told us, “Think ‘He a-shook his glasses off’ when trying to remember who is who.” Though I was never mean to them, looking back I was like all the other kids, treating them as outcasts and spending too much time trying to get them to say their catchphrase (“Kissyfur!”) and laughing at the results.

To you four, and anyone else I’ve forgotten, sorry for busting your chops. Let me buy you a coffee next time I see you.

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