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October 17th, 2008

Finishing What You Start

My wife complains that I’m always the one that leaves one cookie or a spoonful of cereal in the just so I don’t have to throw it away. I disagree with her out loud, but here’s the truth: I am often guilty. Granted, it’s with the best intentions (“I’ve eaten every other Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe in the box, so I should leave this last one for Huyen”), but I’m guilty, no matter what spin I put on it.

The thing is, I even do it at work, where I’m the only one doing any consuming. Right now, I have a half dozen bags of tea with only half a teapsoon of tea left. I really need to just combine them and get that stuff off my shelf.

Is anyone else guilty of this? Do you do it more often with some foods than others? I never leave two pieces of dry pasta in a box, but you can bet that if a box of crackers has a single broken cracker in it, I’ll leave it for someone else to finish.

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