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November 2nd, 2008

The Butter Delivery Service

Yesterday I was destined to make cookies. I hadn’t made them in months; coupled with a sweet tooth, it was inevitable.

So I gathered the ingredients. Flour? Check. Sugar? Yep. Brown sugar? Of course. Vanilla? Got it. Eggs? Yes. Baking soda? Yep. Other stuff? Got it. Butter?

Uh oh.

No butter. Well, a quarter stick to be precise. But that was it. Worse is that I was car-free and none of the stores (well, “store”) within walking distance sold unsalted butter.

It was then and there I decided that the world needs a Butter Delivery Service. I really would have liked to call someone or fire off an order and have butter delivered to me. Ice cream? Nope. Milk? No. Kefir? No. Soymilk? No. Butter? That’s it – just butter. (Okay, butter-like spreads too.)

The world would be a better place if one could get butter delivered to the home. Don’t deny it.

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