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November 4th, 2008

Leaf Strategy

I trust that I’ll need some sort of house strategy for every season. In spring and summer, it’s a matter of mowing the lawn every x weeks (or week). In winter, it’ll be handling the snowfall when it happens. And in fall, it’s these damned leaves.

My first strategy at tackling the leaves from the 10,000 trees on our property was simple: rake and bag. This worked, but took pretty much all morning, wasn’t a perfect job, and left me with calloused hands. Not a fan. So my smart wife suggested we get a leaf blower/vac.

That’s turned out to be a big help; I was easily able to get stuff in a big pile ready to be vacuumed, and then magically watch all of it be mulched into tiny leaf pieces. It took a good long while, sure, and there were still some leaves on the ground afterwards… but nothing terrible.

Then the next day, nearly all the remaining leaves from the trees out front fell. It looks like I did nothing.

So I’m not sure what a good leaf strategy should be. I’m confident in the equipment – the blower is vastly superior to the rake – but it seems like this needs to be done every day in order to really stay on top of it. Any Pingers come up with a good anti-leaf strategy?

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jk November 4, 2008, 7:49 pm

Pray for wind to blow the leaves onto your neighbors’ yards.

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