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November 25th, 2008

The Clarino Hotel: Don’t Call it the Clarion

Beautiful Omaha, Nebraska serves as a rough halfway point between Chicago and Denver; this means that on trips to the Mile High City we’ve often stayed in hotels in and around Omaha. One of the hotels we didn’t use was the Clarion off of I-80, one of the main east-west highways through town. It looked acceptable and all but we found good deals elsewhere.

On our last drive through down we noticed something weird though: the Clarion was now the Clarino. Same building, same signage save for the transposed letters, and same… uh… awesomeness I guess. We just found it very amusing that a former chain hotel would keep such a similar name.

Apparently the Clarino really stinks, as a bonus. The reviews at TripAdvisor are worth reading if only to serve as a warning. Between the comments about the place smelling like urine, a cold pool, and growing mold I was convinced that we’d continue to say “NO” to the Clarino. (Ha!)

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