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January 21st, 2009

It’s TEA-riffic! (and other lame tea wordplay)

Though I don’t often write about it, I am a bit a of a tea geek. However, recently, I hadn’t been drinking much tea at home. The main reason? I’m an idiot. (Funny, that’s the “main reason” for a lot of things I do or don’t do.)

A couple of months ago, I put water on the stove to boil for tea. After turning the temperature up on the stove, I went and got busy doing something else. I didn’t remember about the tea kettle on the stove until I caught of a whiff of that burning smell that accompanies scorched pots. Sure enough, I got downstairs and the water had boiled off and my pot was completely scorched on the bottom. It was a goner.

At least this time I remembered to put the pot on the right burner and didn’t have an open gas flame going for ten minutes before realizing.

Nevertheless, I was in the market for a new tea kettle. This time I decided I would go electric with one of my main requirements being an auto-shutoff. It didn’t take me long to decide on Adagio’s UtiliTEA kettle. This wonderfully simple kettle lets you set the temperature for the water, which is great if you drink green or white teas (non-black and lighter oolongs with boiling water are big no-nos). A temperature indicator on the side lets you set it for light Japanese greens, darker Chinese greens, and boiling for blacks and dark oolongs. And when it reaches the temperature? It turns off. No chance of boiling off the water. Perfect!

I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it. Getting the right temperature for your water is essential to a good cup of tea, and the UtiliTEA really does the trick. Bravo, Adagio! You’ve done a TEA-mendous job! HAR!

[Product shill mode off.]

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