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February 2nd, 2009

Death Bank

A couple of weeks ago we went to see a film and one of the trailers made me laugh. A lot. It was for The International. Note: not a comedy.

But the way the whole trailer was done was too funny to me. In summary: the International Bank of Business and Credit (who has a sister division, the International Website of Content and Images) is using peoples’ money to kill people. Basically. And just the framing and everything made me hope – quite seriously – that this movie was called Death Bank.

In the trailer, Clive Owen runs! He uses a freaky ATM with “Murder” as one of its options! (Really!) There’s lots of people in suits being angry! Naomi Watts plays a stereotypical woman who has to protect her family! They control EVERYTHING! The bank is out to kill heads of state! Shooting! Glass breaking! In other words… ugh!

I mean can anyone take the line, “There has to be some way to take down this bank” seriously?

If the movie was at least called Death Bank it’d be a wink from the studio that this whole thing is silly. Unless they’re taking it seriously. Hmm… are they?

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