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February 19th, 2009


For many, many years at work, I listened to my music on speakers. I have my own office and a subwoofer with a pair of so-so speakers on my desk, so the sound quality was halfway decent and I was able to enjoy some tunes without disturbing people nearby.

Recently, though, I’ve taken to wearing headphones. It started about six months ago when I was working on a particular project that needed some extra focus, so headphones let me wrap myself in an aural cocoon, blocking out most outside sounds and also letting people know, “If you talk to me, I’ll be bothered to take my headphones off to hear you.” Turns out, I really like headphone listening and have continued to wear them about 75% of the time at work. At home, pretty much never, though.

How about you? Do you wear headphones at work out of choice or necessity?

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