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March 1st, 2009

What Recession?

A little anecdotal evidence as to our current economic state.

Yesterday I found myself at a local megamall to purchase a few clothing items. And I must tell you that given the sheer number of people around, it didn’t feel like we were in a recession or anything. The parking lot was jam packed and honestly felt close to Christmastime levels. That’s something!

On the flip side, though, nearly every time I’ve been at a Target in the past several weeks it’s felt abandoned and quiet. I haven’t had to wait in a line at Target in what feels like forever.

I guess it all depends on where you shop and where you look for the data.

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Joseph March 2, 2009, 7:22 pm

I do all my shopping on the internet anyway. I don’t think I’ve even been into a Target in over a year. Last time I went, they had a great sale on laundry detergent, so I bought about five gigundous bottles and until they run out, I won’t be needing to go back for anything, now that I know their men’s underwear sucks.

You know what else sucks?

This message:

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Your comment could not be added, because comments for this entry have either been disabled, you entered invalid data, or your comment was caught by anti-spam measurements.”

Speaking of low volume, it’s these things that keeps it so quiet around here. I miss the good ol’ days of 2002-3. You ought to have a space where trusted members can log in and feel free to Ping away without being shoestrung by anti-spam snags.

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