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March 27th, 2009

Forever Everlasting

A list of five web sites/pieces of software that I used five years ago that I still use now:

  1. last.fmI started scrobbling in June 2003 and still do. Don’t forget about our very inactive group.
  2. Opera – I’ve used the Opera browser since the first public version, version 2.12 in 1996. Back then, few people had ever heard of Opera. A lot of people still haven’t.
  3. The Bat! – While I use Gmail pretty often now, The Bat! is still my main desktop mail application and consolidates all of my accounts. I can see a day where I won’t use it any more, but not for a while. I’ve been using this one for about nine years, I think.
  4. Homesite – I used it when I was in college and continued to use it through all three owners (Allaire, Macromedia, now Adobe). It’s been barely touched in the last five years and essentially became a part of Dreamweaver, but the standalone app is still my favorite one for day-to-day web coding. I’ve tried all of the freeware and open source ones (I really want to like Aptana, but seriously, still no built-in wordwrap?!!) as well as all of the “programmer’s Notepad” variants, but keep coming back to Homesite.
  5. Ureach – I still have a toll-free voicemail box with these guys. I’d love to shift the number over to something like Grand Central/Google Voice, but I doubt there’s a way to do so.

Please share your old school web site/software holdouts (and no need to mention the Ping… it goes without saying).

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