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April 23rd, 2009

Screw Staples Copy Center

This morning, I needed to have something printed, so I uplaoded a PDF to Staples Copy Center and prepared it for pick-up. The first problem is that if I wanted it before tomorrow, I’d have to pay a “rush fee,” even though it was only 12 pages.

The second problem is that they require you to have an account to place an order.

The third, and most major problem, is that you can’t create an account. Literally, it cannot be done. Or, at least, I couldn’t do it even after having tried with three different browsers. My problem? I was told the password I entered was “not a strong password.” So I made it stronger. Same error. Stronger still, same error. Then I tried “t@23123AASDVaa213123AAASdasd!!!” as my password.

Still not strong enough.

I eventually said “screw it” and placed an order with Office Depot where a.) I’d be able to pick up in four hours, b.) I could place an order as a “guest” and not create an account, and c.) they don’t use stupid ass password verifications that don’t even work.

You just lost $1.44 in business, Staples!

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Hunter burchett November 8, 2009, 2:03 am

a whole 1.44? Their loss

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