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June 8th, 2009

My Name is Senator Grassley, and I Am Funky

Is Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley the next Prince? Smart money says… yes!

The reason is clear. While he has yet to put out an album, he’s exhibited some, uh, mad writing skillz (sorry) on Twitter. That’s right – Twitter! Apparently, Senator Grassley was really annoyed that President Obama took his 8-year-old daughter out for a birthday sightseeing tour in Paris. Really annoyed! How annoyed? So annoyed that he didn’t hold a press conference, go on TV, or do a dialog with Rush. Nope – he complained about it on Twitter, like we all would.

The unfortunate (?) part is that the Tweets are totally hilarious thanks to Twitter’s 140 character limit, the latest excuse for the decline of the English language. This article includes the tweets but here’s what you need to know:

Pres Obama you got nerve while u sightseeing in Paris to tell us ‘time to deliver’ on health care. We still on skedul/even workinWKEND.

Skedul! WorkinWKEND! U sightseeing! Yeah, how dare he take any time off from his job, right? I mean, the last guy only spent 490 days away from the office!

Plus there’s this:

Pres Obama while u sightseeing in Paris u said ‘time to delivr on healthcare’ When you are a ‘hammer’ u think evrything is NAIL I’m no NAIL.

Why the quotes for hammer? Single quotes at that (what is this, Europe? Do you hate America, Senator?) – and why NAIL in caps? You may not be a NAIL, whatever that acronym stands for, but are you a nail?

In any event, you can see the train wreck for yourself. Grassley uses Twitter to… voice his concerns… about many things in Prince-like form. Like this. And this.

Hey, wait… is that Senator Grassley playing softball and mowing his lawn while there’s a health care crisis? I thought you weren’t a NAIL!

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