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June 22nd, 2009

Cars of the Newscasters

Checking out the answers to this universal question on Ask MetaFilter reminded me of a small activity I used to undertake: guessing what kinds of cars local newscasters drove.

It started with a particularly boring newscast. In Chicago that means the weather stinks, people were shot (sadly), and at least one pro sports team lost miserably. And I started drifting off to wondering, “What kind of car does Warner Saunders drive?” I think the answer is a Chrysler 300C. I can just see that.

His anchor partner at the time, Allison Rosati? Clearly a Ford Explorer. (She would drive a minivan if not for the stigma.)

Bob Sirott, who just left NBC Chicago? Volvo convertible all the way. Sensible but still fun. And the sportscasters? They carpool in a Prius. I know! Surprised me too!

It’s just an angle of others’ lives we don’t really think about often, if ever. But these people had to get there somehow.

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