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September 13th, 2009

Supermarket remodeling

The Giant near where I live is being remodeled. They’re adding what looks to be a slightly larger “natural foods” section (which means it has wood floors), they’ve created one of those large double-aisles with seasonal crap running down the center, and the bank that was located inside has left and the flower department has been moved over. After having lived here for nine years, it’s a bit disoriented to walk into the most familiar grocery store and have to figure out where stuff is.

It seems a lot of grocery stores are changing their look, either by switching up their logo, doing a full-out remodeling, or even splitting into two new brands to try and hide a history of food safety issues (supposedly). Have you experienced any grocery store revamping near you?

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Paul September 14, 2009, 11:44 am

Yes indeed.

Both of our local Dominick’s (Safeway) stores remodeled within the past year, and they’re both really quite nice now. The bakery and deli section is large with wood flooring and soft lighting, and the signage and store feel is a lot nicer. I’ll usually go to a Dominick’s even though Jewel (SuprValu) is closer, simply because Jewel feels old. Probably hasn’t been remodeled since the early 90s.

And our local Target added a small grocery section, with deli stuff and fresh fruits and veggies too. It’s a nice touch.

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