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September 17th, 2009

CYOA Conspiracy

Like Kanye, we must raise up and speak our mind against Chooseco, publishers of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. Please take a second and see if you can figure out why. It’s right there on the front page.

Do you see the problem?

They have Choose Your Own Adventure #1 – The Abominable Snowman.


Long-time CYOA fans will tell you, There Is No CYOA #1 Except For CYOA #1. And of course, CYOA #1 is Cave of Time by Edward Packard.

But it goes deeper.

If you search for the name “Packard,”, there are no results. Why? Because RA Montgomery owns Chooseco and must have some sort of beef with Packard, as he’s essentially erased Packard from existence.

Very few people are talking about this, but it seems that Montgomery has completely shut out Packard (and almost all other CYOA authors). RA wrote some great books, but this, friends, is not cool.

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Paul September 17, 2009, 6:28 pm

That’s disturbing.

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