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December 8th, 2009

How Do You Listen to Music?

Let’s face it: there have been a slew of technological advances in music since we started this here website. More and more people download music, the CD is toast, and albums are holding their own with a small but devoted audience. Since this has all changed, I’m wondering how people listen to music – when, where, and how.

For me I listen to music primarily from my iPod. Pandora is useful for exposing me to new music, so I listen to that quite a bit too. And then there are those times when I just have a song in my head, usually a terrible one, and need to hear it just to be done with it. In those cases I call up Lala, Rhapsody, or Napster and take advantage of their free streaming.

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Julia December 12, 2009, 11:52 pm

Psht, the ipod is bad for your ears and the sound quality is horible! i listen to my record player… even tho i blive the stopped making records about 10 years before i was born

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