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January 21st, 2010

What ever happened to… Brice Beckham?

With a name like that, you’d figure he’d be an easy actor to remember. But tell the truth: when you read the headline of this Ping, did you think, “Who the hell is that?”

Go back to the 1980s sitcom part of your brain and you may remember he was on Mr. Belvedere, playing young Wesley, the son of Bob Uecker.

After Mr. Belvedere, Brice played a few bit parts on shows like The Wonder Years and Roseanne (“Lunch Box Customer”) and then virtually disappearing for a decade before resurfacing for a few more bit parts (and worked on projects like Deliverance: The musical). Finally, in 2008 Brice returned on the show I Hate My 30’s as Corey, also directing the episodes he was in. And then last year, he was part of a Mr. Belvedere reunion show (“The Owens Family Remembers”) that I didn’t even know happened (it was for the DVD release of the first two seasons of the show). It had to be super awesome, though.

Bravo to Brice for his comeback. I hope he continues to make Lynn Belvedere proud.

(And, a bonus link where did with the Mr. Belvedere theme song what the Ping did with the Golden Girls theme song.)

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