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February 15th, 2010

To tip or not to tip

There’s one grocery store that I shop at occasionally where the employees insist on helping you to your car with your bags. They’ll even load them into your car from your cart unless you specifically ask them not to. It’s really helpful and the kids (because they almost aways are kids… compared to me, at least) are very friendly. Yet, I’ve always felt a little strange. I haven’t tipped them in the past because I had convinced myself that since they insisted on helping, that they were probably told not to accept tips. It would be kind of pushy to insist on helping and then expect a tip, right? Today, though, I decided to try tipping just to see what would happen. Especially since one of the guys was carrying a 45 pound bag of dog food.

I’m happy to report they refused the tip (not with a “no thank you” but a “we’re not allowed to accept tips”), so I can let that slightly nagging guilt be assuaged. And now I can happily accept their help, knowing that it’s what they’re being paid to do.

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