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February 18th, 2010

Olympic Madness Rerevisited

We’ve talked Olympics™® before. Have you been bitten by the Olympic bug this year?

I admit that due to my limited television choices in my current situation I’ve been watching more Olympic events than usual. I watched figure skating with The Wife, and found mogul skiing and snowboarding to be oddly fascinating. Shawn White is really good. Who knew?

I can’t say I’m into the games but I have a little more appreciation for them this year. And the wipeouts are fun to watch.

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Dave Walls February 22, 2010, 2:20 pm

Like 4 years ago, I’m every day and weekend. Watching curling at 3am? You betcha. The wife is all-in, as well. She’s even got me watching figure skating. There’s really only been two events we can’t get into. Biathlon (for all you alpine snipers out there, sorry), and ice dancing, which is like ice skating, but no actual jumps (i.e.: The part that makes figure skating exciting.).

Still, there’s been a lot of great watching. It’s fun to sit back and talk about the inner strategies of sports you haven’t watched in 4 hours.

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