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March 5th, 2010

Undercover Boss

Here is the formula for every episode of Undercover Boss:

1. Boss announces to his board that he’s going undercover in the entry-level jobs of his (always his) company. Board looks SHOCKED.

2. Boss works undercover and finds one job he simply cannot do, one job with an employee supporting a family of 13 on minimum wage, one job with an employee with an inspiring attitude despite some physical hardship, and one job with a manager that needs an ass-whipping.

3. Boss “learns a lot” and tells his board that “a lot of things have to change.”

4. Things change, at least for the people featured on the show.

5. Boss and company end up looking very good.

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Paul March 7, 2010, 11:57 pm

Don’t forget the cymbals; the soundtrack is full of them at “dramatic” moments. Once you hear them, you can’t unhear them.

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