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March 18th, 2010


It started simply enough: I saw a post in Google Reader about Justified, a new TV show. I tweeted:

I thought the new TV show “Justified” was a typography drama.

Then I got in a flow.

“Justified” stars William Ragsdale as Cooper Courier, a typographer who solves mysteries by inspecting typefaces.

On the pilot, Cooper faces his old nemesis C. McSans… and a MURDER! (Come on, you’d watch that.)

Followed by the inevitable one-liners from the show.

“He used Times New Roman in his ransom note… We’re dealing with an amateur here!”

Cooper: “I take my coffee black.”

“This newspaper article is a forgery; no newspaper in their right mind would use Arial for copy.”

“I don’t care if she’s in trouble! This kerning is terrible and must be stopped!”

In case you’re wondering – and you shouldn’t be – William Ragsdale is perhaps best known for his role as Herman on Herman’s Head (nee Inside Herman’s Head), the seminal 80s Fox sitcom.

The hilarious part? When I posted him as the star, I pulled his name out of thin air. I had no idea he actually is a star on Justified! I’m glad the casting agent agreed with my decision.

Watch for Justified on NBC next fall. And, uh, I guess the real one on some network now.

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