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April 5th, 2010


So, today I thought I’d write about autographs.

Just kidding.

After Paul’s comment on yesterday’s Ping, I was, for some reason, reminded of the fake radio station I ran as a kid. I’d take my boombox, throw in a blank tape, and become a hyped-up Terry “Motormouth” Young-style DJ, doing near-perfect song intros (you know, where it stops just before the vocals come in) and playing music on my giant turntable. I held the boombox up to the speakers in order to record. Sometimes I’d steal songs from the radio, too. I did year-end countdowns, had guest DJs (friends coming over to play, of course), and an endless knowledge of 80s pop stolen from WCAU-FM. My station’s call letters were WQIR and though I can’t recall the exact fake frequency I broadcast on, I do remember I gave it an even-numbered decimal number as a kind of joke.

Paul and I are working on getting both PTV and WQIR distribution, but times are tough right now. Write your congressman.

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