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April 14th, 2010

The Best McDonald’s

You may recall that in college I learned about the architecture of Best Products showrooms and was so taken by it I wrote two whole duplicate Pings on the subject. Now there’s a hometown connection for me: I learned today that a McDonald’s in my hometown of Berwyn, Illinois, was designed by SITE, the same firm behind Best’s showrooms.

The McDonald’s was conceived as the “floating McDonald’s” and I remember it was certainly unique. The building did give off the appearance of floating above the ground, and as a kid I loved the windows underneath the walls.

Cermak Plaza is home to this McDonald’s, and is undergoing a much-needed renovation. Unfortunately the floating McDonald’s got a paint job and became un-floated a few years ago. It now pretty much looks to my eyes like a poorly-constructed building. Sad, really.

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