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April 19th, 2010

I got a ticket.

It’s not my first ticket (this was), but I still thought I’d mention: I got a ticket this morning.

I was driving innocently into work this morning (I’m always innocent when I drive) when I saw a passing motorist give me a courtesy “there’s a cop ahead” flick of his lights. I slowed down a bit and passed the unmarked cop car going one mile under the speed limit. Yet, he pulled out behind me and I thought, “Crap. He got me.”

And he did. Two seconds later his lights went on.

Apparently part of “serving and protecting” is stopping someone for being 2 1/2 weeks past due on his state inspection. Of course it didn’t matter that I’d made an appointment to take it in on Wednesday or that I’d tried three weeks ago to have it inspected, but every place locally was booked for days.

So, thanks, officer. You made my morning.

(Yes, I accept responsibility. And yes, I still think he should have lightened up a bit. And yes, I will hold a grudge for a while.)

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Dave Walls April 20, 2010, 11:42 am

My wife got pulled over for that last year in similar circumstances – Not even 3 weeks late for inspection, my wife got pulled over 2 days before the car’s app’t.

That said, we got the app’t done, went to court at the appropriate time, and the judge threw out the ticket, providing we showed the new registration in court, which we did.

I’ve heard from reliable sources that VA isn’t as forgiving…good luck with that.

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