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May 11th, 2010

In praise of generics

I realize some folks have issues with generic drugs (usually the drug companies that invent the original), but I’m not one of them. And, really, is it any wonder that most people opt for generics when their name brand counterparts are so absurdly expensive?

Want a great example?

If you were to go to Target right now and buy eight maximum strength 20mg Pepcid tablets, it would cost you about $4.50.

If you look a little further to the left on the shelf, you’ll find a package of store-brand famotidine (the active ingredient in Pepcid) for $3.95. “But,” you say, “That’s only a 55 cent savings? What’s the big deal?”

That’s $3.95 for a packge of 50. Fifty.

Rather than 56 cents a tablet, you’re paying less than eight cents a tablet.

Any drug-takers care to share their favorite generics?

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Paul May 11, 2010, 4:12 pm

On Saturday, I needed ibuprofen for a killer headache. I stopped at Target and proceeded to the trial size area where I saw a tube of 10 Advil for $2. I thought that wasn’t so bad, but then I walked over to the pain relief aisle (yep, a whole aisle) and got a bottle of 20 Target brand ibuprofen tablets for… $0.99.

We also did get the giant Costco bottle of ibuprofen at home, too. Even if I don’t use all 500 by the time they expire, the net cost was still cheaper than Target brand or Advil.

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