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June 16th, 2010

A few more thoughts on air travel from someone why flies infrequently

Charging anything for a single checked bag is incredibly lame. It’s made even lamer when the self check-in kiosk shows options for checked baggage and has the word “FREE!!!” next to “0 bags” as if it were some sort of selling point.

For some reason I thought I preferred the aisle seat and booked an aisle seat for every one of my flights. Turns out I actually like window seats and should have booked those. Next time.

Choosing a seat near the front of the plane is better. You book later, but you get off the plane earlier (unless they also open the back door of the plane and let you exit there as well).

When you offer wireless access for $5 or $10, consider just eating that cost and offering it for free to your customers. That would be a hell of a perk for a low-cost airline (and will be common in a few years, I suspect).

Whatever happened to those cheesy radio stations airlines used to offer? Do any still do that?

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