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September 30th, 2010

Immersive Google Street View History

The other night before bed I had what I thought was a great idea.

One if the things I like to geek out over is the question of what a building or location used to be. I love knowing the history of this stuff, at least for the trivia aspect. And sure, that can generally be researched on the web but that’s boring! Wouldn’t it be more fascinating to have some sort of device which would allow you to actually see that site through the past? Kind of a chamber with an adjustable date.

I could see this being a boon for museums. Step into the chamber, enter a date and address, and away you go.

Then today on TechCrunch I learned that Google has kinda started on that very thing. I don’t think it accounts for the time factor, but it easily could. All it takes is continually updated high resolution imagery… or video.

Imagine an immersive view of a street corner from 20 years ago. Sure, you can’t interact with it – that’s Holodeck territory – but it would be pretty slick.

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