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November 1st, 2010

State movies

I’m a big fan of the Strange Maps, and this post on state movies (states referenced by and relevant to particular movies). Like, obviously Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas represents Nevada and New Jersey is served by Clerks. But can you guess what’s holding up Michigan? Robocop. Or Oregon? The Goonies (I saw the Goonies house during a trip to Oregon a few years ago).

Great fun.

Even greater fun, the same map, but with TV shows included at the end of the post. (Didn’t know The Waltons was in Virginia.)

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Dave Walls November 18, 2010, 7:37 am

Delaware is represented by “Wayne’s World” in this map, but I always like to remember that Delaware as the home of “Fight Club”.

Although never mentioned specifically by name, there are plenty of scenes where Ed Norton and Brad Pitt mention nearby cities in Delaware. (“Did you hear they started one in New Castle now?”) Plus, Delaware **is** home to most banks and credit card companies, so everything makes total sense when you think about it taking place in Wilmington.

That crappy house they lived in would probably exist in the NE part of the city, too.

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