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November 9th, 2010

Print that car!

I’m not much of a “car guy,” (so much am I not, that I have to use quotes around the phrase), but even I’m pretty impressed by a car that’s 3D-printed, passes safety tests, and gets 200 mpg:

Urbee is the first prototype car ever to have its entire body 3D printed with an additive process. All exterior components – including the glass panel prototypes – were created using Dimension 3D Printers and Fortus 3D Production Systems at Stratasys’ digital manufacturing service – RedEye on Demand.

While technically a three-wheeler, KOR EcoLogic says that the Urbee will meet all automotive crash standards.

Also, I’ve gotta say that the whole concept of 3D printing kind of confused me for the longest time. Thankfully, this video clears the process up a bit:

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