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January 20th, 2011

World of Goo

When I owned a Wii, I had a small number of favorite games. One of them was the addictive and fun World of Goo. I spent many hours trying to construct things out of goo balls, let me tell you. So when I learned that it was available for the iPad this past week, whoo boy, I downloaded that thing yesterday.

So what makes it so good? Like most physics-based games, it’s easy to get the basics quickly. But World of Goo has a great sense of humor about it, along with a lovely soundtrack and sound effects. There’s also a plot that doesn’t get overbearing; you’re using these goo balls, and sacrificing a lot of them but the “why” actually gets addressed. (In contrast, I like Angry Birds, but feel a little weird killing off all of these pigs while they’re in their shoddily-constructed buildings. It somehow feels weird.)

World of Goo is available for just about every platform there is, but the iPad and Wii versions are probably the best for interaction. I highly recommend it.

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