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January 25th, 2011


Back in the days before there were DVRs, there was VCR+, a pretty ingenious little system that allowed you to enter a code that would then transmit a signal to your VCR (if it wasn’t already built into your VCR) at the right time to start recording and to your cable box to change the channel. I remember this technology being pretty picky: your cable box had to be left on (or was it off?) and the positioning had to be just right in order for the VCR+ to be able to do both actions. But, that said, it was a lot easier for non-technical people to enter a code that they saw next to Matlock in their TV Guide rather than try and program their blinking VCR.

Feeling nostalgic? Grab yourself a code.

And just for fun, someone should go to Best Buy and ask if they have any VCRs with VCR+ functionality. 10 points for each blank stare that you get.

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Tom January 25, 2011, 10:09 pm

Perhaps you should look into VCR CO-PILOT, mgf in SF during the mid to late 90’s. Worked great! Lots of older folks near me use them all the time. Thing is, in my case at least, they will not activate a newer (early 00’s) SONY rcrdr for some reason. Changed codes? Whatever. I say bring back the VCR CO-PILOT. (joseph enterprises, inc. sf, calif.943106 is the last known address.)

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