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March 12th, 2011

Twitter’s Silly Move

Yesterday, the powers that be at Twitter made a huge change to its terms of service for developers. In short, they advised any developers making Twitter clients to stop. Just forget it. Twitter now, somehow, values what they claim is a consistent user experience.

Like a lot of people in the dev community, I think this is a foolish decision. I don’t use Twitter on the Mac nor iPad because, in short, they don’t offer the features I really want. And, unfortunately, the user experiences for both of those apps is subpar. The UIs don’t follow either platform’s standards, and they just don’t work the way I want to work with Twitter.

But apparently the way I want to work with Twitter is wrong now.

With all that in mind, The Daily Ping will only be compatible with Hayes modems from here on out. If you use something else, we’ll ATH your butt.

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