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April 10th, 2011


So is it amazing or sad or both that one can get a mass number of Atari games on an iOS device for $15? I’m going to say that the idea is amazing.

But the games themselves seem like a real mixed bag. There are some classics like Centipede, Crystal Castles, and Asteroids sold in themed packages with other “classics” like Liberator, Radar Lock, and Hangman. Atari Hangman! Finally!

While I haven’t plunked down the cash for the app – sold free with Pong – the controls naturally need to be different. I get the feeling that tapping a glass screen isn’t going to be the same as working a paddle or joystick, unfortunately.

I’m often torn with these nostalgic games on new platforms. I’d love to play Ms. Pac-Man on my iPad but I know that the lack of real joysticks would be a big downer, and it wouldn’t be nearly the same. So Pong, maybe… Atari Video Cube, no.

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