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May 15th, 2011


Cell phones are so ubiquitous at this point, I think most of us have gotten past the “are they talk to themselves or are they on a cell phone?” confusion we see when we see someone chattering away on the street. There aren’t too many talking-on-the-cell behaviors anymore that are rage inducing (other than putzing with one’s phone while driving, of course). However, there’s one behavior that still drives me up the freakin’ wall:

People that walk around, especially in circles, while chatting away.

Note that I’m not talking about people that are going somewhere specific. That’s fine. It’s the people that are standing in the middle of a public area and feel the need to wander around in circles while they talk. It’s inevitable that they’ll walk into someone because their attention doesn’t stretch beyond their conversation. I feel like screaming, “STOP MOVING FOR THREE SECONDS. Have a seat. Take a load off. Or just STAND THERE. PLEASE.”

So says Sir Crankypants.

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Paul May 16, 2011, 5:19 pm

I only do this in private, I’ll have you know. Then I walk around the place like I own it!

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