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June 10th, 2011

Talk about Community

I’m a fan of the sitcom Community, which happens to be a witty, fast-paced, and pretty darned well-written show. It’s unafraid to break conventions, or devote entire episodes to themes like Dungeons and Dragons (even though I know zero about it), paintball, and My Dinner with Andre. (And then there was the clip show consisting of clips that were created just for for the clip show.)

It was really lovely to read the AV Club’s epic 4-part season 2 walkthrough with Dan Harmon, the show’s creator and runner. Each episode gets a breakdown. It’s like DVD bonus features… in text!

And I guess the most interesting part is seeing how concerned Harmon is with the quality of the show. There are things which obviously don’t work, and he doesn’t gloss over them. There’s also a good dollop of insight into the TV creative process. It’s a good read, but really is for Community nerds only, I’d say.

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