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July 1st, 2011


A new store in Austin, TX named in.gredients is opening later this year. The store aims to be zero-waste and packaging-free while focusing on local, in-season, organic foods. Kind of like what Whole Foods if Whole Foods didn’t have so much dang packaging and focused more on in-season, local foods. In other words, more like what Whole Foods should be.

Sure, on the surface it sounds like the bulk section of a supermarket blown up to full-store size, but I think the overall concept for the business is really intriguing and I hope it takes off. In the end, it’ll probably even save the consumer money since you only have to buy what you need. Can you imagine not having eight-year-old spices filling your cabinets simply because you had to buy a full jar for one recipe you made years ago? MAN, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

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