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July 14th, 2011

So Long, Q101

Today is the last day for WKQX, Q101, here in Chicago. There’ll be a sendoff program tonight and then… probably some strange format change before it all goes news/talk.

As I grew away from alternative music (ie, as the mainstream moved away from it) I listened to Q101 less and less. But in the early- and mid- 90’s, it was essential listening. It was my default station when I was really first getting into music; their alternative/mainstream format was spot-on for me.

The problem with Q101 going away, in the terrestrial radio sense, is that there’s no other station to pick up the slack. XRT has gotten repetitive and definitely shies away from Q101’s hard rock/alternative stuff. There are oldies stations like The Drive which play tracks from the early-90’s, but they’re not playing modern music. For Q101’s current listeners there really aren’t any good options.

So long, Q101, and thanks for the memories.

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