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August 3rd, 2011

Opt-out of creepy sites!

If you’re skeeved out/annoyed as I am at all the different “public records” sites that have your home address, telephone number, etc. easily searchable despite your best efforts to keep such things private, you’ll want to visit this page on Reddit that compiles all of the “opt-out” pages of creepy sites like Zabasearch and Spokeo. Sure, you’ll still have to jump through all the hoops to get yourself removed, but at least having a checklist of sites helpful, right?

(I searched for myself on one of these sites and was confused and disturbed to find that the site had me living at an address that wasn’t mine… rather, it was one that a friend had e-mailed me about, letting me know their new address. I had looked it up on Google Street View to see what the area looked like. And… somehow… this site got this information and decided that’s where I live.)

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