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November 12th, 2011


A few days ago, Khoi Vinh – a well-known designer – announced Mixel, a new art app for the iPad. I know. Another art app? But this one is different.

The medium is collage, and the sources are… well… images on the web. You can import images, crop them, resize them, and so on. It’s very much like cutting and pasting paper.

The interesting part is remixing others’ pieces, which are called Mixels. It feels a bit like Layer Tennis but way more accessible.

Above all, though, it’s a ton of fun. Sure, the social features are kind of basic and following people you don’t know is hard. And the app crashes sometimes. And some people would be peeved that it requires Facebook to login. But I find myself taking a good 30 or 60 minutes at the end of the day and making things with Mixel. That’s pretty great.

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