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December 5th, 2011

Elf on a Shelf

A few years ago, our daughter got an Elf on a Shelf as a gift. And since then, she’s really taken to it.

Those of you who aren’t parents of little ones may be furrowing your brow. “Sounds like some stupid marketing gimmick to me.” And you’re right. But it’s a cute one, I suppose.

The idea is this: the kid receives an elf that they name (Rasine named ours “Mr. Whistler” last year) and each night the elf travels back to Santa and reports back to him about whether the child’s behaved well. In the morning, the kid comes down and finds the elf, magically, in a different location. Touching of the elf by the child is prohibited, or the elf will lose his magic.

Elf sounds like Jesus dressed up in a red Christmas outfit, doesn’t he?

Our daughter’s fascination with the elf has increased this year. Not a phone conversation with a family member can go by without a mention of where elf was that morning. It’s pretty cute (whether it still will be two weeks from now, we’ll see). She’s also enjoyed playing the admittedly fun games over at the website, which include a version of the classic lemonade stand game, but with hot cocoa, natch.

Any other parents have an elf living in their house that likes to sit on random Christmas tree limbs and mantels?

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