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January 6th, 2012

Jamie Luner

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to write this Ping, our 4,382nd, marking our 12th Anniversary! As is custom on January 6th, we’re focusing on the smash hit, long-running TV show Just the Ten of Us. Its 47 episodes gripped the nation – nay, the world – and we’ve dedicated each January 6th to the memory of this pivotal pop culture entity. (The 2010 entry recapped everything up until that point.)

This year, we turn our attention to Jamie Luner. Jamie played Cindy Lubbock on the show, arguably the least intelligent Lubbock Babe. Cindy and Wendy were twins on the show, albeit fraternal ones just like those two guys from Valerie/ Valerie’s Family/ The Hogan Family.

Cindy’s an odd case. She started the series as a fairly ordinary person but soon fell into an early Homer Simpson-like trope of being a little too dim-witted. It’s really a shame.

Let’s conclude this exhaustive look at this very important character with a retrospective of Lubbock Babes appearances, compiled by noted YouTube historian scottievand. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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Ryan Buslovich March 31, 2012, 9:25 pm

I just thought I’d come back and congratulate you guys on 12 years. For whatever reason, I only remembered, just now, to come back and do this. . . here’s to another 12 years.

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