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January 17th, 2012

ADD summaries of A&E reality programming

I haven’t watched all these shows, but I’ve seen enough of them (enough may range from “a preview” to “I watch it regularly”) to make sweeping judgements.

  • American Hoggers: Disgusting. Makes me want to punch people.
  • Beyond Scared Straight: Lots of yelling.
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter: Have zero interest in even watching a preview.
  • Hoarders: Deeply, deeply sad. Handled in a surprisingly gentle way, thanks primarily to the professionals working with the hoarders.
  • Intervention: Trash.
  • Monster In-Laws: Even more yelling than Beyond Scared Straight
  • Parking Wars: Another one of those “wait… this exists?” shows.
  • Shipping Wars: Hard to believe it’s worthy of a whole show, but hell, seems innocent enough.
  • Storage Wars: More exploitative than one might expect. There are people’s lives in those storage units, but they’re completely ignored for the selfish bidders looking to make a buck.

One last thing I’ll say: I’d argue that the use of the word “war” has a touch of hyperbole in all three cases above.

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