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February 20th, 2012

The $100,000 Car

As you may have noticed from my last Ping, I attended the Chicago Auto Show last weekend with Pinger Greg. After taking in the sights and sounds of all sorts of cars Greg asked me a question that seemed simple on its surface. It was prompted in part by a couple of Jaguars we saw, each retailing for around $130,000.

If you had $100,000 to spend on a car, what would you get?

Initially he asked a more generic question around that amount of money, but I had a hard time coming up with any stuff I would want to spend that much on. I’d need to be in a pretty damn different place with money to even consider spending that amount on a car.

That said, I think I would go with a Hyundai Equus at a modest (?) $70,000 and pocket the rest of it.

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