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The 1st Ping was published on January 6, 2000.

March 24th, 2012

More Pings About Undershirts and Food

In December I posted my first Ping about undershirts. Given I’m only 34, this is a remarkable achievement. In that Ping I mostly complained about Ribbed Tee despite really, really wanting to like them.

To my surprise I got an email from Mike Schwarz, the founder of Ribbed Tee. He wrote me a very lengthy message detailing all of the difficulties Ribbed Tee had with these suppliers involved with the bad shirts I had. And at the end he said, hey, I’ll send you new ones so long as you let me know how they work out.

It sounded like a fair deal so I took him up on it. And this past week he pinged me (see what I did there?) to see how things were going. So I thought I’d report it for everyone.

The short answer is that Ribbed Tee is, in fact, now my favorite undershirt. I’ve had zero quality issues with the batch I received. Each shirt performs its undershirtly duties admirably. They haven’t exhibited any of the shrinkage I had with the last rounds either. They’re a good weight: thin, but not too thin. Certainly thin enough to be worn on the summer days when I need them most.

So, I can confidently say that Ribbed Tee is putting out a good, quality product. And good on Mike and his crew for their humility and superior customer service. Nice stuff.

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