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May 29th, 2012

What I’ll miss most about my old car

Our 2002 Outback was an OK car that served us well for six years, but I didn’t develop any sort of emotional attachment to it. It did its thing and got us places.

But there were two features that I liked a lot about the Outback. First, it had both a cassette deck and a CD player. I kind of regret not bumping an old school tape in my last ride in the car. But more importantly, and something I haven’t seen on any other car before or since, it had a weather band on the radio. At anytime, I could flip on the weather band and hear a robotic voice tell me about the coastal conditions and the speed of the wind in knots. It took me back to the days when I went sailing in middle school and we listened to those very reports.

Well, at least it’s good to know that I can subscribe to a podcast of those same NOAA recordings.

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