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July 8th, 2012

Nexus Q

A couple of weeks back Google introduced their impressive-looking Nexus tablet. Priced at $200, it looks to one-up the Kindle Fire pretty well; early reviews of the thing are positive.

But then they also laid this turd. The Nexus Q, a ball-shaped media streaming device for $300. It has no interface, so you must use an Android phone or tablet in order to operate it. It has an amplifier in it, but it only does stereo and no surround sound, and that also means you’d need speakers for it. It has a ring of glowing LEDs that respond to music.

The year is, in fact, 2012. I have no idea why this thing exists.

You can grab a Roku, a Boxee, or an Apple TV for cheaper. Totally don’t get it.

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