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July 21st, 2012

The Long Campaign

You know how the Olympics give us all a two-year break? Winter and Summer are on 4-year offset schedules? I wonder if we could do something like that with the US Presidential Campaign.

Because here’s the deal: it’s too much. Just too much.

Obama got in office in 08. Talk from the Republicans about replacing him happened soon thereafter. And as early as December 2010, some candidates were throwing their hats in the ring. Never mind that we also had the 2010 Senatorial elections, another way to distract.

I’m not opposed to the 4-year term. I’m opposed to the never-ending campaigning.

So let’s try this: restrict it. You get 6 months to campaign before a general election, 3 months before a primary. You can’t accept money from any corporations. It’s just you and donors, who also have a capped contribution limit. And, let’s level the playing field by having a total money cap for each candidate.

Whew. Glad that’s fixed.

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